TECH 35 Papers


Keynote – Make Your Move
Brian Beaulieu
Principal and CEO

Adhesive Films – Tapes beyond PSAs
Hans Ander, Head of Global Product Development
Lohmann GmbH & Co.

How can UV curable adhesives contribute to success in the Tape Industry
Wolfgang Aufmuth
Collano Adhesives AG

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives in Roofing
Paul Benensky, Senior Research Engineer
CertainTeed Roofing

Quantitative comonomer analysis of polyacrylates via IR spectroscopy
Dr. Nicolai Boehm, Analytics
Tesa SE

Photopolymerizations of Adhesive Coatings Implementing Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer
Christopher N. Bowman Ph.d., Professor, Patten Endowed Chair, and Department Chair
University of Colorado

Renewable triblock copolymers in sustainable PSAs
Marc A. Hillmyer Ph.d., Director of the Center for Sustainable Polymers
University of Minnesota

Rheological Analysis for Development and Quality Assurance of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Roland H. Horst Phd, Analytical Scientist
Berry Plastics Corporation, Tapes, Bags & Coatings Division

Primerless Removable Adhesives
David R. Keely, Field Technical Service Manager

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Supply Security: Three Trends to Watch
Michael B. Lean, VP Purchasing
Henkel Adhesives Technologies

Medical Adhesives and Skin Adhesion
Jacob Liu, PhD, Division Scientist

Adhesion at the Molecular Level: Charged Monomers for the Design of High Performance Adhesives
Timothy E. Long, PhD, Department of Chemistry, Macromolecules and Interfaces Institute
Virginia Tech

Natural Rubber 101
Whitney H. Luckett, Vice President Sales & Marketing
RCMA Americas, Inc.

The Effect of Data Collection Rate and Bandwidth Settings In Peel Testing Instruments On Peel Adhesion Strength Test Results
Dan McClellan, New York Regional Applications Manager

UV-Crosslinkable Solvent-Free PSA Systems
Roland R. Milker PhD, CEO

Flexible electronics: an emerging market for advanced PSAs
Dr. Graeme A Roan, Business Development Manager

Deming’s 14 Points
D. Scott Roberts, Quality Manager
Cantech Industries

New Waterborne PSA’s based on Soft and Hydrophobic Vinyl Esters
Francois Simal PhD, R&D Manager
Momentive Specialty Chemicals Research S.A., Belgium

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives with Reactive Components Added
Mike Zajackowski
Performance Adhesive Center

Pressure Sensitive Tape Materials and Technologies Utilized by the Solar Module Manufacturers-Where are the Opportunities Today?
Joseph S. Sentendrey
Toyo Ink America, LLC.

Papermaking 101
Melanie Calkins, Director R&D
Neenah Paper

Modulating Adhesion by Near-Surface Architecture
Anand Jagota Ph.D., Professor
Lehigh University

Surface Protection of Optical Films and Glass During and After 
Kyle Rhodes, Application Engineer and Technical Service
Dow Corning Corporation

Acrylic Block Copolymer for Adhesive Application
Shinya Oshita
Kuraray Co., Ltd., Elastomer Division KURARITY Business Promotion Department

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