PSTC History

  • Founded by seven companies in 1953 to promote the manufacture of tape products high in quality and performance.
  • Published first Test Methods manual in 1955 with eight methods – 180° peel; shear holding; unwind; tensile; elongation; thickness; moisture vapor transmission rate; and water penetration.
  • Commissioned custom design engineering shop to build laboratory test equipment.
  • Worked closely with other standards organizations toward consistency in tape measurement and testing.
  • Held first technical committee meeting in 1966.
  • Published articles on tape fundamentals as part of consumer education program.
  • Produced first Tape Products Directory in 1969.
  • Presented first technical paper (“Another Look at Peel Adhesion” by John Johnston) in 1973, setting the stage for future PSTC technical conferences.
  • Significant issues faced the industry – OSHA and EPA formation, the U.S. oil shortage and reduced availability of raw materials.
  • Tape researchers work long hours to redesign effective adhesives.
  • Held first U.S. hot melt technical paper seminar in March of 1975.
  • Solvent-free high-speed coating using block co-polymers becomes major industry advancement in 1975.
  • Held first open technical seminar on water-based systems in 1978.
  • Worked with EPA in generating data and offering alternative methods to the “bubble concept” over each coating head to control air emissions.
  • Expanded technical seminar topics to include operational issues and personal productivity sessions.
  • Offered first tape training class in 1990, which evolves into the Tape University series.
  • Launched its global technical seminar in 1992, now held every third year.
  • Celebrated “50 Years of Advancing Pressure Sensitive Tapes” in 2003.
  • Worked with EPA on the air regulation rule, Paper and Other Web Coating Maximum Achievable Control Technology (P&OWC MACT).
  • Published second edition of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes – A Guide to their Function, Design, Manufacture, and Use by John Johnston in 2003.
  • Introduced third Tape University class (basics for non-technical staff) in 2005.
  • Continues to publish annual Tape Products Directory providing listings of the products manufactured and marketed internationally by 25 PSTC member companies.
  • Formed the Alliance for Excellence in Tape Testing with Chemsultants International in 2005.
  • Launched on-line library of technical seminar papers in 2005.
  • Received ISO approval on test methods 101, 107 and 131 (peel, shear and breaking strength).
  • Released North American PSA tape volume research study results to members.
The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council remains committed to its original goal of assisting manufacturers to produce tape products high in quality and performance.
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