The list of potential uses for PSA tapes is a mile long. For example, in the transportation industry many designers and engineers choose them for body side molding applications. This is because PSA tapes can support a heavy load and withstand repeated shock and impact.

Shift Gears with a Superior Bonding Solution
Effective, efficient and durable, PSA tape offers innovative solutions to challenging situations. Whether you are looking to attain a clean aesthetic or need a lightweight but strong bond that can withstand extreme temperatures and repeated shock and impact. PSA tape stands out as the leading option for variety of applications.

Download this visual infographic to explore how this bonding method is used in automotive design and engineering.

Since PSA tapes are applied across the entire surface, stress is transferred more uniformly. This reduces areas of tension concentration. PSA tapes also provide a smooth, clean look that eliminates the need for visible fasteners. 

PSA tapes are inherently strong and durable. They’re rated for extreme temperatures and they continually meet the lifetime-design criteria of vehicle manufacturers. A cost-effective and multi-functional solution, PSA tapes have proven to be ideal for the transportation industry and many other markets. 

Growing the Role of PSA Tape in the Automotive Industry
PSTC conducted a joint research study with market research firm Breakthrough research to identify the behaviors and decision drivers that influence tape usage in the automotive industry.

Review the study’s key findings.


  • Cable mounting/wrapping
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Light assembly
  • Seat assembly
  • Security labeling
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