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(Both Live and On-Demand)

PSTC is proud to offer a series of unique and powerful educational classes covering all aspects of PSA tape design and manufacture. The classes range from a one-day overview – suitable for anyone making or selling tape products – to in-depth technical classes designed for scientists and engineers.

No other set of classes available covers the tape technology with the breadth and depth that only PSTC can offer.

What to Know:

  • Fundamentals of PSA on-demand will extend and opportunity to learn at your own pace in either individual modules that pertain to your interest level or the entire class (all 10 modules)
  • Each module includes knowledge checks and a certificate of completion 
  • In-person class includes supporting collateral, jeopardy (group knowledge check), final exam and certificate. Most of all, the in-person class offers an opportunity to network with fellow students
  • In-person class offered at Tape Week only



Our three classes cover different areas of the industry at different levels, as described below. The classes are designed to be self-contained and independent of each other – therefore there is no need to take classes in sequence. Many people do take multiple classes over time based on their interests and role. PSTC and the teaching faculty are available to help guide your selection if needed.

Adhesives & Advanced Technologies 

(In Person: PSTC Tape Week – April 29-30th, 2024)

This class discusses polymer technology as it relates to PSA Tapes with a detailed technical discussion of polymer properties, adhesive types, chemistries and properties, surface science, theories of adhesion and other topics designed to give a detailed technical understanding of the science of PSA Tapes.

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Manufacturing and Testing

This course covers all aspects of PSA tape manufacturing—from tape components to troubleshooting tape products in the field. Learn the essentials from our industry-leading instructors.

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Fundamentals of PSA Tape Applications in Industry Verticals
(In Person: Future Dates to be Announced)
This class covers an overview of key descriptions and performance terms of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive tapes. It also reviews two major application areas: the Building & Construction and the Transportation market spaces. It provides an ideal-description of these two applications, and explores why and how PSA tapes are used in these market spaces. An overview of technical terms will be presented, but the class will focus mostly on these applications. 

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Fundamentals of PSA Tapes
The Fundamentals of PSA Tape course covers a basic overview of all the key technology areas of PSA tape in a virtual classroom setting. It provides an ideal introduction to the industry with much less technical content than our other classes. This class is suitable for sales and customer service professionals, as well as entry-level technical staff, and those new to the tape industry in any field of work. 

For more information on these modules, click here.

The Faculty
These classes are taught by a dedicated volunteer faculty, all of whom bring many years of practical experience in the industry. The faculty work closely together to produce the content for all classes in the series. Each class is taught by a small, intimate group of instructors who strive to create an interactive, open atmosphere in each class. These are not speakers who arrive with their own material, unrelated to anyone else’s content – it is a carefully planned, constantly refined and coordinated syllabus.

Read more about the tape training faculty here.

For more information on these courses or for advice on how to choose the course best suited to your needs, please contact PSTC at 630-544-5048, e-mail

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