PSTC offers the following links for your further exploration:

Adhesive and Sealants Council (ASC)
The Adhesive and Sealants Council offers an educational web portal catering to engineers and designers looking for more information about adhesives/sealants at ASC can also be contacted via e-mail at

Chemsultants International, Inc.
Chemsultants offers pressure sensitive adhesive tape test equipment, laboratory testing services, training/certification programs and pilot coating. PSTC and Chemsultants formed the Alliance for Excellence in Tape Testing to provide educational opportunities and resources on proven tape testing methods and state-of-the-art tape testing equipment. Visit

The European Association for the Self-Adhesive Tape Industry (AFERA)
Afera is comprised of members from 18 European countries that represent the scope of expertise of the tape industry. Afera aims to bring together the European tape industry to enhance the product, the business, the marketplace and the future of self-adhesive tape in Europe. See or email

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
The NAM’s mission is to advocate on behalf of its members to enhance the competitiveness of manufacturers by shaping a legislative and regulatory environment conducive to U.S. economic growth and to increase understanding among policymakers, the media and the general public about the vital role of manufacturing in America’s economic and national security for today and in the future. Visit


Australia does not have a tape manufacturers organization but relies on the Australian Standard Committee for all test methods standards.


China National Adhesives Industry Association (CNAIA)

Japan Adhesive Tape Maker’s Association (JATMA)

South Korea
Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association (KSCIA)

Taiwan Regional Association of Adhesive Tape Manufacturers

The European Association for the Self-Adhesive Tape Industry (AFERA)

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