Why Tape?


They’re the ultimate custom solution.

  • Save time: Compared to other bonding methods, tape often provides full functionality without curing time or exposure to heat.
  • Improve aesthetics: Tape provides a clean, consistent surface finish that you can’t get with rivets and screws. Unlike liquid adhesives, tape doesn’t ooze or create unsightly bond lines.
  • Save money: When considered against welding or other heat-related methods, tape doesn’t require electricity, expensive machinery or other application costs.
  • Help the environment: Using tape can eliminate certain solvents and/or other harmful substances from your process.
  • Increase your quality: Compared to single-point-joining methods, tape provides seamless fastening for complete surface-to-surface bonding.
  • Improve product durability:
    • Tape often dissipates mechanical stress loads and helps to continually reduce vibration fatigue, as opposed to more traditional methods that don’t.
    • With no need for holes or cut outs, tape can often provide an effective mechanical barrier that protects surfaces from corrosion or other environmental deformation. Many other bonding methods do not.
  • Reduce product weight: Tape solutions can often replace heavier materials in various sealing applications.
  • Decrease production time: In comparison to liquid or hot-melt adhesives, tape is faster and easier to attach.
  • Lower equipment costs: Unlike liquid and hot-melt adhesives, expensive adhesive delivery systems are not required. You need only peel and stick.
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