PSTC Tape Week 2024

Call for Abstracts

Technical Track

We want to see how you’re bringing PSA tape into the future. Submit an abstract on your company’s latest advancements—whether it’s a technology, method, best practice or other innovative concept. This is an opportunity to showcase your impact on our industry.

Markets & Applications Track

Show us your in-depth case studies and solution-driven narratives on the practical applications of PSA tape in a variety of industry verticals—including but not limited to building and construction (e.g., pre-fabrication, building envelope and air barriers) and EV batteries.

ESG: Contributing to Sustainability Track

After the success of the inaugural Sustainability: Building Awareness Summit, at Tape Week 2023, PSTC will once again feature a sustainability-focused track at Tape Week 2024. We’re looking for presentations on environmental, social and governance (ESG) contributions to sustainability and the future role of the future role of sustainability in a variety of PSA industry verticals. Topics may include:
• Lifecycle analysis
• Narratives and case studies for implemented sustainability programs
• Energy
• Product design
• Emerging economies and globalization
• Environmental issues
• Smoke, flame and toxicity-resistance
• Sustainability efforts within specific verticals such as medical, EV battery, building and construction, etc.

Tape Week 2024 will be held April 29 – May 2, 2024, in Orlando, Florida. If you have any questions, please contact PSTC Executive Vice President Michelle Miller.

How to submit an abstract


Access the submission portal and sign in with your PSTC Portal credentials.

You do not need to be a member to submit an abstract, but you do need to have login credentials. If you are having trouble logging in or signing up, please refer to our guide for assistance.


Click the Submit an Abstract button in the Abstract Center.


Select the programming track you wish to present at and click Next.


You will first be prompted to update and confirm your contact record information. Please take a moment to verify your information is up-to-date.


Complete the form with required abstract submission information: Abstract Title, Body (Summary), Presenter Headshot, and Presenter Bio.

Additionally, you may designate presenter information if you are submitting on behalf of the presenter and/or add co-authors if applicable.

Please note that while the headshot and bio are required, they can be revised at a later time and are not part of scored criteria.


Before submitting, you will be able to review your abstract information. If you see any edits to be made, you can use the back button to return to the submission form. If you are ready to submit, click Save Changes.


To view your abstract submission, or edit before the submission window closes, navigate to the Abstract Center.

Your submitted abstract will show under My Abstracts. To view submission details, click on the eye icon under the Actions heading.

While viewing your submission details, you are able to select Edit Abstract to revise your submission details, if needed.