The Fundamentals of PSA Tape course covers a basic overview of all the key technology areas of PSA tape in a virtual classroom setting. It provides an ideal introduction to the industry with much less technical content than our other classes. This class is suitable for sales and customer service professionals, as well as entry-level technical staff, and those new to the tape industry in any field of work. 

    • Roopram Ramharack, Ph.D. – Adhesive Applications
    • John Connolly, Ph.D. – Worthen Industries
  1. Overview & Tape Definition (Alive & Growing)
  2. Terminology & Polymers (Building Blocks)
  3. Adhesion
  4. Adhesives (Sticky Stuff)
  5. Tape Backings (I’ve Got You Covered)
  6. Release Liners (I Want to Be Free)
  7. Manufacturing (Let’s Make Tape)
  8. Converting (Slitting)
  9. Testing (But Does it Work?)
  10. Applications

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This class covers an overview of key descriptions and performance terms of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive tapes. It also reviews two major application areas: the Building & Construction and the Transportation market spaces. It provides an ideal description of these two applications and explores why and how PSA tapes are used in these market spaces. An overview of technical terms will be presented, but the class will focus mostly on these applications. 

      • Sales and customer service people, as well as entry-level technical staff and those new to the tape industry in any field of work
      • Those that are interested in learning more about PSA tape use in the Building & Construction and Transportation verticals
      • Those focused on sales and marketing of PSA tape use in these verticals
      • Companies that may not have focused on these verticals but are interested in learning more about opportunities
      • Companies that may already have a mature line of products in these verticals but would like to improve their knowledge
      • Individuals that may have shifted job responsibilities, department or role within their company
      • Individuals seeking personal development and proof of course attendance to add to resume
PSA in the Transportation Vertical

Instructor – Andreas Meier, PhD – Director of Research & Development

The student gets a broad overview of the different PSA/tape solutions that are used in the transportation industry by means of many concrete examples, sketches, and pictures. Representing many markets, a special focus is placed on the automobile and its supplier industry. By using comprehensive application examples, the student gets an understanding of the specification process of PSA, the meaning of specification limits, and its impact on the application. 

Fundamentals of PSA in the Building & Construction Vertical

Instructor – Abboud Mamish – Technical Industry Consultant

This segment will provide an overview of the end-use of PSAs that are predominantly marketed for use in exterior and interior applications in residential and commercial buildings.  

The topics that will be covered include the value and benefits tapes contribute to building structures, their composition, and functionality, safety, reduced energy consumption, reduced long-term preventive maintenance as well as typical standards to meet building codes. 

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