Experienced, dedicated PSTC Tape Training classes faculty members are active within the tape industry and daily experience the specific skills needed to excel. They share their love and knowledge of the PSA tape industry with students in a casual atmosphere that promotes information exchange between faculty and students.


Lars Kilian, Ph.D.

Group Leader of the Pressure Sensitive Adhesives R&D group at Ashland Specialty Ingredients in Dublin, OH. Kilian leads Ashland’s product development efforts for high-performance permanent and removable acrylic PSAs for the tape and label industries. Previously, he was a Research Scientist in Ashland’s Packaging and Converting R&D group, developing solvent-based and waterborne acrylic PSAs. His technical efforts were primarily focused on solution and emulsion acrylic polymerization, coater-ready PSA formulation product development, and PSA test method development. Lars received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his Ph. D. in Organic Polymer Chemistry at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.


Shawn Cook

Shawn Cook is the Director of Technology at Mayzo, Inc., a company providing custom solutions across a wide variety of applications for over 30 years. Shawn has 20-plus years of industrial experience with a background covering monomer and polymer production, process development, and EH&S. Although he has a Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry, he often pulls from his rich and diverse industry background and personal interests to spur a creative solution.

Eric W. Dahl, Ph.D.

Technical Service and Development Specialist within the Pressure Sensitive Industries group at The Dow Chemical Company. Eric is responsible for technical service, customer education, and technology/application development for silicone pressure sensitive adhesive and fluorosilicone release coating customers. He received a B.A. in Chemistry from Boston University and a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

Jeffrey S. Gagnon

After receiving his B.A. in Chemistry from the University of Southern Maine, Jeff started his career as a process chemist for ITW Foils where he focused on thin film coatings and holographic processing. During his 10 years at ITW Foils he moved into R&D management and earned three U.S. patents in holographic processing and packaging. From there he spent four years as Vice President and Technical Director for Len-Tex Corp, a privately held commercial wallcovering manufacturer. There he developed and helped commercialize a thermoplastic polyolefin wallcovering that met environmental and green building criteria. It was also the industry’s first non-PVC product of its kind. Jeff joined Worthen Industries in 2008 as the Director of Manufacturing managing all aspects of Worthen’s five facilities, equipment, and people. In 2016, he became the Business Unit Manager for Worthen’s Adhesive Coated Products business focusing on medical, industrial, and automotive pressure sensitive adhesive markets.

Victor X. Lu, Ph.D.

Senior Development Scientist in the PSA business group of Henkel Corporation, and co-authored more than 50 technical papers, including the 2006 Carl Dahlquist Award winner, New Developmental UV Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. He holds more than 10 US patents on adhesive products and polymer adhesion technologies. Lu received a Ph.D. in Polymer Science from Sino Academy of Science in 1990 and worked at the University of Connecticut, International Paper, National Starch, USC Chemicals and Cytec Industries.

Dave McCann

Director of Research & Development, Chemsultants International. McCann obtained a B.S. in Chemical Engineering at University of Dayton, 1980. First position was in product development/commercialization for extrusion and injection molding ABS and PVC compounds in static dissipation, along with some work in electrolytic separation membranes. After that, McCann spent the last 24 years in pressure sensitive adhesives base materials – label and tape base stock and emulsion PSA’s and coatings – for labels, tapes and outdoor/digitally printed graphics. Early part of his career was spent mostly in process engineering (coating PSA’s and silicones) and quality assurance. Most of the last 20 years was spent in support of customers through technical service and new application development; helping them solve problems and helping them choose the right product for their application. For his current position at Chemsultants, he manages the laboratory responsible for contract research and development, problem solving, physical and analytical testing.

Andreas Meier

Andreas Meier is the Director of Research and Development at tesa for North America. He started his career at a tesa 21 years ago in one of the manufacturing plants in Germany in the process development department, where he optimized design and manufacturing processes of pressure sensitive adhesives on solvent and hotmelt coating lines. Before moving to the US Andreas worked for 10 years in various positions at tesa HQ in Hamburg, Germany. He gained 3 years of experience as an international Application Solution Engineer for the BU Automotive and managed the Research and Development department of the BU Automotive for 5 years. Andreas received his PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Hamburg, Germany and worked for 3 years as a Postdoc at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado on photo electrochemical conversion systems.

John T. Poulton, American Biltrite, Inc. and PSTC Educational Advisor

Received his B.S. in Chemistry from Rutgers University. After graduation, he worked for seven years at National Casein as a polymer chemist developing structural adhesives for the construction and paper packaging industries. For the past 28 years, John has been involved with the PSA tape industry primarily in new product development, tech service and quality assurance – servicing the automotive, HVAC, metal fabrication and graphic industries. He is currently the Vice President of Research and Development for American Biltrite and Ideal Tape.

Saswati Pujari, Ph.D.

Dr. Saswati Pujari is an Associate Research Scientist at the DOW Adhesives R&D group located in Collegeville, PA. Prior to joining the adhesives R&D group she worked with the Wire and Cable R&D at The Dow Chemical Co. Dr. Pujari earned her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University in 2010. She received her Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering degree with Distinction from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India in 2005. She received the PCCM fellowship for conducting post-doctoral research at Princeton University. She has coauthored more than 15 technical publications, with over 300 citations. She holds 10 US patents and several applications. She is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt Project Leader. Her research interests include adhesion science, rheology, coating technologies, polymer structure property relations, and polymer composites.

Roopram Ramharack

Roopram is currently the President of Adhesive Applications, Inc. He previously worked in Research at 3M, Polaroid and Unilever. He was the Vice President of Operations and HR at Adchem Corp and the Vice President for R&D for tesa tape inc (Beiersdorf). Roopram has a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from the Polytechnic Institute of NYU. He is a two time winner of the Carl Dahlquist Award and is in the Hall of Fame at PSTC. He holds eight patents and fifteen journal papers.

Steve Schroff

Business Development Manager for Mactac North America. For the past 15 years, he has been formulating and developing adhesives and laminates for medical devices used in the diagnostics, electrode, wound care, fenestration and packaging markets. He began his career at Adhesives Research in the medical R&D department before joining Mactac in 2003. While at Mactac, Steve has focused on expanding the medical product portfolio through R&D and sourcing initiatives as well as improving the manufacturing capabilities. In 2010, Steve began the work of transiting Mactac’s solvent adhesive systems used in medical and technical products over to 100% solids technology. He has been instrumental in establishing Mactac’s new capabilities through his capital project, R&D and engineering efforts. Steve earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Thiel College.

Laura Shadley

Product Development Manager for the Coated Products division of Ahlstom-Munksjo (FKA Expera Specialty Solutions) in Rhinelander, WI. Laura has spent the past five years working on release liner and coating development. In recent months, she has led the technical efforts for the startup and qualification of the new C5 coater. Prior to starting with Expera, she worked in several paper mills in various production and technical capacities. She received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering/Paper Engineering from Western Michigan University. In her free time, she enjoys paddling, fishing, snowboarding and snowshoeing in the beautiful Northern Wisconsin nature.

Michael L Tumey, Ph.D., PSTC Technical Advisor

Received his B.S. in Chemistry from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from Iowa State University. He retired from 3M after 38 years in which he held various R&D positions, with extensive experience in PSA tape product development.