Carl Dahlquist Awards

The Carl Dahlquist Award is named for innovator Dahlquist, who developed the Dahlquist ”Criterion of Tack,” which determines if the modulus value of a material necessary is low enough and tacky enough to be considered a pressure sensitive adhesive. PSTC presents the Dahlquist Award to one speaker during its annual technical conference who, following the evaluation of a panel of judges, demonstrates the very best in research relating to adhesive tape technology. The selection covers a range of criteria, concentrating on originality and scientific contribution, but also includes presentation and quality of visuals.



PSTC President’s Award

The President’s Award recognizes and honors an outstanding volunteer(s) who has advanced PSTC mission and vision through their volunteer efforts by serving on a committee.


  • An individual that has demonstrated leadership, works towards building consensus amongst the committee and positively contributes to the meet the objectives outlined in the committee charter.
  • Successfully interacts with members of the committee, the board and staff.
  • Advances the mission and vision of PSTC through talent and service
  • Unselfishly gives his/her time and is dedicated towards the overall success of PSTC
  • Demonstrated measurable results of individual and/or group, committee task(s) that can be clearly contributed to the individual.


PSTC Hall of Fame

Criteria allow for the induction of both currently employed and retired individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to PSTC and/or the PSA tape industry as a whole.

Honorees are selected by the PSTC Hall of Fame Committee, which is comprised of a member of the Hall of Fame, a member of the PSTC Board of Directors and a PSTC member-at-large.

Hall of Fame inductees are recognized at the PSTC Fall Member Meeting.

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