A PSTC Member-Exclusive Interactive Discussion Series


Energy Transition Impacts

Thursday, March 7, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM ET 

No Cost (PSTC Membership Required)

Talk with Moderator Nicholas Gerome and Nathan Burroughs, of Taurus Advisory Group, ‎about Energy Transition Impacts. Come prepared to have an engaging ‎conversation on regional/federal emissions reduction goals and transition timelines, impacts on gas-dependent industries, infrastructures readiness, and solutions and preparations.

About the Moderators

Nicholas Gerome: Nick is a Licensed as a Commodity Trading Advisor and weather forecaster who brings unique knowledge and perspective to energy risk management and cost control.  A managing member at Taurus Advisory Group, Nick assists a diverse group of clients with a wide range of energy-related services from commodity procurement, to efficiency, to sustainability to climate risk.

Nathan Burroughs: As the other half of the Taurus Advisory Group partnership, Nate works with clients to improve their bottom line, helping to develop and attain their energy-related goals by taking advantage of energy incentives and other fiscal resources, and effectively navigating the ever-evolving sustainability landscape.


Understanding the PSA Tape Regulatory and Sustainability Environment

Held Thursday, October 19, 11 AM ET 

Lindsey Foster, BASF’s lead product steward for adhesives, moderated this discussion on the ‎dynamic and evolving sustainability landscape. Attendees saw what’s changed since her ‎presentation at Tape Week 2023 and got a deeper understanding of the complex regulatory ‎environment affecting raw materials, packaging and other important considerations for PSA tape. ‎Lindsey led an open conversation on sustainable approaches, tools and solutions to help PSTC ‎members stay ahead, including: ‎

Dimensions of sustainability, from economic growth to social responsibility
The expectations and responsibilities of your company with regard to climate protection Solutions applicable to PSA ‎tapes
Navigating the current regulatory climate

About the Moderator

Lindsey Foster
Product Steward – Dispersions & Resins North America, BASF

Lindsey Foster is a Product Steward at BASF Corporation supporting the North American Resins and Adhesives products. She helps the business understand the complex regulatory landscape for product safety and provides strategic regulatory guidance. Before her current role as a Product Steward, Lindsey was the Environment, Health, and Safety Specialist for the BASF Chattanooga manufacturing sites. She holds master’s degrees in Public Health and Environmental Engineering.

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