Education Committee
The Education Committee is made up of volunteer faculty, all of whom bring many years of practical experience in the industry. The faculty work closely together to produce the content for all classes in the series (Fundamentals, Manufacturing & Testing and Adhesives & Advanced Technologies). Each class is taught by a small, intimate group of instructors who strive to create an interactive, open atmosphere in each class. The classes are carefully planned, constantly refined and coordinated. The committee will meet quarterly via conference call, and at times more regularly if you are an educator at either the Fundamentals, Advanced or Manufacturing Class.  There is generally one face to face meeting held at HQ during the fall.

Marketing Committee
The Marketing Committee members support and advise PSTC as it relates to bringing internal and external awareness of the organization. This can include supporting and advisory in the development of key collateral, content and presentations. The Committee will meet monthly and conduct 2-3 face-to-face meetings a year in Chicago.

Environmental Health and Safety Committee
The Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Committee identifies and communicates regulatory risks to Member Companies. If relevant, it recommends mitigation measures the PSTC could take including, but not limited to, support, advocate, and influence regulatory development and implementation activities.

TECH Committee
PSTC Technical Committee members support the development of the Technical Track which is part of the Annual Tape Summit held every spring.   The principal responsibility is to identify relevant topics related to the more technical component of pressure sensitive tape.   The committee will identify speakers and  solicit papers from members and non-members. Typically 20-25 papers/presentations are highlighted during this track.   The committee will meet monthly via conference call with 2-3 face to face meetings.