TECH 38 Papers


Bill Adams
Defining the Sustainable Enterprise

Michael Batton
Adhesive Processing Using a Planetary Extruder

Greg Brown
Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Benefit from Near Infrared (NIR) Measurements Throughout the PSA Supplier and Coverting Process

Svetlana Contrada
Adhesive for Gentle Removal From Skin

Dave Gries
Study of PSA as Damping Layer

Mike Hilston
Replacing Multiple PSA Property Tests with a Probe Material Analyzer

Jeffrey Karp
Next-Gen Bio-inspired Tissue Adhesive Technologies

Whitney Luckett
Sticking With Natural Rubber

Sebastien Marrot
Correlation Between Mechanical and Viscoelastic Properties of Some Peroxide-Catalyzed Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Jill Ottinger
Interactions Among Individual Components of an Adhesive Formulation and Their Effects on Coatability

Michealeen Pacholski
Correlating Substrate Surface Analysis to Adhesive Performance

Jagruti Patel
High Solids Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Noshir Pesika
Biomimetic Directional Switchable Adhesive Inspired by the Gecko

Daniel Pickard
Unfairly Priced Imports: Protecting Your Business, Employees, and Future

Jeffrey Quill
The Essentials of Laboratory Weathering for Pressure Sensitive Tape

Jim Raymont
Successful UV Curing & Communication for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives: It’s as Simple as a Day at the Movies

Rodney Rees
An Integrated Approach to Preservation of Adhesives Against Microbiological Establishment

Walter Resch
A Statement of Test Method Variability

Frederic Restagano
Mechanical Tuning of Adhesion Through Micro-Patterning of Elastic Surfaces

Roland Simon
Petrochemical Feed Streams

John Theisen
Paper Based Release Liners

Samuel Thomas
Pipeline Coatings Technology Review

Kevin Turner
Experimental Characterization of Adhesion Hysteresis in Soft Elastomer Contacts

Dirk Wulff
Specialty Tapes with UV-Acrylic Hotmelts

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