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Learn More About Our Exhibitors and Sponsors

Ahlstrom-Munksjö NA Coated Products

Ahlstrom-Munksjö NA Specialty Solutions LLC

A global fiber based solutions company.


Kraton develops, manufactures, and markets innovation-based pine chemical and polymer solutions that deliver exceptional value and enhance people’s lives worldwide. Our focus on product quality and sustainability helps us meet market demands, advance the bioeconomy and meet a wide array of market needs. Our global footprint, reliable supply, extensive expertise, endless innovations, and integrated portfolio of high-quality products enable our customers to push the boundaries of performance of sustainable solutions.

Arkema Coating Resins

A global, integrated manufacturer of quality polymer systems for PSA, coatings and sealants.  We manufacture these materials using a broad base of raw materials and technologies.  We supply water based latex polymers, solvent based polymers and powder resins for a wide variety of end use markets.


Lawter, part of Harima Chemicals Group, is a company strong in pine chemicals and built on products developed using pine chemical resources. Over the past 60 years, highly successful businesses have come together to create the company we are today – a leading global supplier to the graphic arts, adhesives, specialty coatings, aroma chemicals and the synthetic rubber industries.

Avery Dennison Performance Polymers

Ahlstrom provides innovative fiber-based materials with a function in everyday life. We are committed to growing and creating stakeholder value by proving the best performing sustainable fiber-based materials. Our products are used in everyday applications such as filters, medical fabrics, life science and diagnostics, wallcoverings, tapes, and food and beverage packaging.


Loparex is the leading global manufacturer of release liners, serving customers in eight key markets: Graphics, Tapes & Converting, Building & Construction, Health Care, Hygiene, Labels, Composites, and Developing Applications. Loparex offers in-depth technical expertise and industry-leading production technology across operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.


BASF is a leading global manufacturer of adhesive raw materials. With our dispersions, resins and additives as well as technical expertise, we support customers in developing environmentally friendly high performance adhesives. Our portfolio of acrylic emulsion polymers, styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) emulsion polymers, and ultraviolet (UV) curable acrylic hot melt polymers can be used to produce high performance labels, tapes and graphic arts in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


Mactac Industrial Tapes includes an endless list of custom-engineered PSA tapes for bonding, mounting and fastening applications. An alternative to mechanical fasteners, screws, and traditional assembly components, Mactac PSAs often meet or exceed the performance capabilities of other bonding methods. They successfully bond foams, plastics, and metal parts to create lasting permanent bonds or simply act as assembly aids. Our tapes are constructed for everything from high-performance long-term applications to reliable, low-cost short-term applications.

Bostik, Inc.

Bostik’s versatile adhesives for the tape and label market meet the specific demands and requirements the ever-evolving market entails.

Mayzo, Inc.

Now celebrating 35 years, Mayzo provides additives such as antioxidants, UV absorbers, stabilizers, optical brighteners, photoinitiators and release agents to manufacturers of polymers, resins, elastomers, lubricants, tapes, labels, adhesives, rubber, ink, coatings, caulks, sealants, candles, and many other applications. Mayzo produces polypropylene modifiers to enhance impact properties, breathability and improve processing in injection molding, thermoforming, film, and pipe applications. Mayzo is a custom producer of blends in various product forms to meet customer requirements. Our innovative chemistries are used to keep products safe, clean, preserved and presentable, giving them longer life, saving money and making manufacturing easier. 


BYK is a leading supplier of specialty additives that are used to optimize production and application processes and visibly improve the qualities of the finished products.


Drawing on more than 155 years of award-winning research and development, the Textile Division of American-based Milliken & Company offers a diverse portfolio of technical textiles serving a broad range of global markets, including apparel, automotive and transportation, building and infrastructure, hospitality, industrial, military, specialty interiors, and protective workwear. Focused on enhancing the performance, heightening the protection, and advancing the sustainability of fabrics, Milliken manufactures superior solutions and develops leading innovations that add value to everyday life. We are textile innovators focused on game-changing technologies and materials that impact lives and transform industries. Learn more at textiles.milliken.com.

Catbridge Machinery

Catbridge Machinery builds high-performance slitter rewinders that expertly handle a variety of products including pressure sensitives, tapes, and films. Our machines safely and effectively increase throughput, improve finished roll quality, and reduce waste. From unwind to rewind, all models integrate innovative technologies that deliver results.


Mondi is a leading global supplier of silicone-coated and specialty release liners specifically designed for the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Industry. With an integrated supply chain, a broad range of process technologies, and a commitment to Sustainability, we are uniquely positioned to tailor paper or film based solutions to your release liner needs.  When using Mondi’s release liners, your products will stick where they should – and not where they shouldn’t!   

Channeled Resources

Channeled Resources Group is a manufacturer of direct coated and poly extruded release liners.  We’re a women-owned, 3rd generation family business, and we’re in the market to serve our customers above all else. Our Release Liner Division is an ISO 9001 certified one-stop source for custom silicone coating. We offer a diverse range of solutions from high-end technical applications to basic uses, specializing in a wide variety of basis weights, calipers, and release coatings. Channeled Resources has something for everyone; let our skilled sales staff develop the product that best suits your needs. 

MPI Release 

MPI RELEASE has manufacturing facilities in Winchester, MA and Greenfield, IN; and all 3 silicone coating and curing technologies – Thermal (solvent and 100% solids), UV and EB. We strive to be the most customer focused, responsive and highest quality supplier of silicone release liners in North America.

Custom Adhesives

Custom Adhesive Technology custom formulates and manufactures hot melt ‎pressure sensitive adhesives, private label manufactures tapes and self-adhering ‎membranes, and engineers and installs turnkey adhesive manufacturing facilities, ‎with special emphasis on the building products industry. Other industries served ‎include geotextile applications, automotive, flexible packaging and hygiene. ‎


Neenah Industrial Solutions is the market leader in delivering high performance paper-based tape backings, offering outstanding durability, printability, conformability, appearance, and other distinct attributes. Our team delivers best-in-class research, technology, and problem solving capabilities. Our expertise in saturating and coating paper was built on our knowledge and experience in the complex science of latex/paper interactions. Saturation was our important first venture in material design and production, but it certainly will not be our last. For over 100 years, our products have touched multiple generations in sustainable and innovative ways. We’ve overcome once-accepted material limitations with break-through solutions and performance-driven distinction.


Davis-Standard designs and manufactures a range of equipment for industries worldwide including liquid and extrusion coating systems, unwinds, winders and slitters and controls technology.  The company is also a leader in machinery retrofits and upgrades and has research & technical centers to test new products and machine capabilities. Davis-Standard is committed to engineering systems that are reliable, environmentally friendly, and offer a high return on investment. All equipment is backed by robust aftermarket support, parts availability and customer service. The company has manufacturing and technical facilities in the United States, Canada, China, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.



Dietze & Schell Manufacturing Solutions LLC


OLBRICH GmbH | Polytape Converting

OLBRICH and Polytape Converting are the well-known leading brands of production machinery and equipment for web products, such as release material and labels, packaging films, paper finishing, energy/electronics, adhesive tapes, decorative films as well as wall coverings, floor coverings and technical textiles. Coating, Drying, Laminating, Embossing, Calendering, Printing, Lacquering, Winging, Treating, Anti-Misting and Drives & Controls are our key technologies.


Dow (NYSE: DOW) combines global breadth; asset integration and scale; focused innovation and materials science expertise; leading business positions; and environmental, social and governance (ESG) leadership to achieve profitable growth and deliver a sustainable future. The Company’s ambition is to become the most innovative, customer centric, inclusive and sustainable materials science company in the world. Dow’s portfolio of plastics, industrial intermediates, coatings and silicones businesses delivers a broad range of differentiated, science-based products and solutions for its customers in high-growth market segments, such as packaging, infrastructure, mobility and consumer applications. Dow operates 104 manufacturing sites in 31 countries and employs approximately 35,700 people. Dow delivered sales of approximately $55 billion in 2021. References to Dow or the Company mean Dow Inc. and its subsidiaries.

Savaré Specialty Adhesives LLC

Savaré is a family-owned company with almost one hundred years of research and innovation experience in the field of industrial adhesives. The technological expertise developed through the decades provides the main ingredient to realize products with a true impact on everyday life. Since the 70’s, the company has focused its activity on the production and supply of high quality and high performance hot-melt adhesives, serving specific and sophisticated industries, including building & construction, industrial & technical tapes, labels and specialty PSAs. Headquartered in Milan with production facilities in Italy and USA, Savaré operates on an international basis, serving worldwide markets with industrial adhesives of outstanding quality.

Eastman Chemical

Eastman is a global leader in raw materials for the adhesives and polymer modification industries, offering the broadest technology and product portfolio together with global manufacturing sites and an extensive sales and technology support network to give you a wealth of formulating and innovation options. Eastman tackifying resins and polymers provide the tack, shear strength, peel, light color, clarity and other characteristics needed to deliver outstanding performance for industrial, consumer and specialty tape applications.

Sekisui Voltek

Sekisui Voltek is the global leader in the development of high-performance flexible polyolefin substrates. Sekisui Voltek has been the North American leading manufacturer of polyolefin foam substrates for over 40 years. As a US-based company, we make it easier for you to get product design assistance and product development support when you need it, with local convenience and economy. Sekisui Voltek has two primary foam processes; Volara® – Irradiation crosslinked polyolefin foam in roll form, and laminated sheet form and Volextra® -an extrusion coated Volara composite available in both rolls and sheets. Volara® HP series foams provide both precise density control and precision cross web gauge control in a high density thin foam design. Volextra composites can include the Volara HP series with a thin coating for improved performance. Our Volextra process offers a unique and flexible extrusion coating capability. Using state of the art technology, solid plastic is permanently melt bonded to our Volara foams.

ENTEX Rust & Mitschke GmbH

ENTEX, Rust & Mitschke GmbH, German manufacturer of Planetary Roller Extruders for continuous distributive and dispersive mixing, mastication, devolatilization, heating/cooling and reactive processing in the plastic, rubber, chemical, adhesives and various other industries.  From single units to complete processing lines.  Founded in 1986 ENTEX has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of Planetary Roller Extruders, in manufacturing technology, modular machinery design and process setups for a wide range of different applications.  The big process surface area is allowing best mixing & homogenization, devolatilization and great temperature control for both, heating and cooling, resulting adjustment of ideal process temperature profiles.  Represented by TRIAD Sales LLC.

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc.

Shin-Etsu Silicones is a Global Supplier of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Release Coatings, with ‎nearly 70 years in the Silicone Industry. Fully integrated manufacturing allows Shin-Etsu to provide ‎complete products solutions that can be tailored to meet client applications and performance ‎characteristics in the most demanding environments. Shin-Etsu Silicones of America provides Sales and ‎Technical Service across North America, with Lab facilities in Japan, Taiwan and in our New Jersey ‎Technical Center tasked to providing support for client applications and innovative technology ‎research.‎
‎· Consistency · Purity · Stability · Commitment

Elkem Silicones

Elkem Silicones, with more than 4,200 employees and over 60 years of silicone expertise, is dedicated to delivering your potential by providing innovative silicone solutions with a personal touch.  Elkem Silicones is a global leader in fully integrated silicone manufacturing, operating 14 multi-functional manufacturing sites and 13 Research & Innovation centers. Elkem Silicones SILCOLEASETM release coating silicones are used by wide web liner and laminate producers, while narrow web printers and converters benefit from our UV curable systems.  SILCOLEASETM release coatings systems are used in a diverse range of applications, including roll label, tapes, graphic arts, variable print, medical, industrial and construction, food release, direct mail and printed forms. Elkem Silicones is committed to creating new, innovative and green solutions and business models that promote a sustainable future.

Siliconature Corporation

Siliconature provides innovative release solutions and products to many markets & industries.  With manufacturing in Italy, USA, and China, it can offer a variety of formulations and technologies to support your needs for release liners and coatings, with the same quality globally.

Felix Schoeller Group

Felix Schoeller has been a leading manufacturer of specialty paper products since 1895. The company manufactures silicone coated release liners for a variety of adhesive markets and applications. Liner attributes include, various release levels and differentials, dimensional stability, heat resistance, die-cutting compatibility, and further customization if required.


We convert flexible materials (adhesives, films, plastics, soft metals, etc.) into products for our customers. We are a 3M Preferred Converter and a 3M Medical Materials & Technologies Preferred Converter. Some of our medical applications include wound care, medical device bonding, stick-to-skin for medical devices, microfluidic devices, and so much more.

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, manufactures pressure sensitive adhesives for tapes, graphics and labels used on consumer packaged goods, office products and more. It also produces adhesives for the domestic and global wood furniture, millwork, engineered-lamination markets.


Synthomer is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of emulsion polymers. Our wide range of chemistries help our customers create new products and enhance the performance of existing products in key industries all around the world such as adhesives, coatings, construction, textiles, paper and more. We have a broad range of innovative adhesives for the specialty tape market that redefine what an emulsion PSA can do.

H. B. Fuller Company

Since 1887, H.B. Fuller has been a leading global adhesives provider focusing on perfecting adhesives, sealants, and other specialty chemical products to improve products and lives. With fiscal 2021 net revenue of $3.3 billion, H.B. Fuller’s commitment to innovation and sustainable adhesive solutions result in products and processes that answer and solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Our reliable, responsive service creates lasting, rewarding connections with customers in electronics, disposable hygiene, medical, transportation, aerospace, clean energy, packaging, construction, woodworking, general industries, and other consumer businesses. And, our promise to our people connects them with opportunities to innovate and thrive.


Teckrez is a leading independent North American tackifier resin and specialty monomer company, known for a stellar combination of service, product performance, expertise, and local stocking. Teckrez resins enable customers to make better-bonding adhesives, non-yellowing sealants, clear packaging glues, durable roof coatings, eco-friendly construction mastics, fast-dry industrial coatings, and so much more. We have the most complete range of hydrocarbon and rosin resin tackifiers in North America. Teckrez monomer capabilities include a wide range of basic and specialty acrylates for coatings, polymers, adhesives, inks and other markets. These are backed by the highest level of technical and practical expertise, integrated sourcing, and reliability.

Henkel Corporation

Created with consumers in mind, Henkel manufactures pressure sensitive adhesives for tape applications. Efficiency and reliability are key requirements for PSAs. Our technologies assure a high performance level with strong adhesion and cohesive strength, withstanding demanding environments such as elevated temperature, UV resistance, or humidity.

Total Cray Valley

Total Cray Valley is a global organization, part of the Total Group, dedicated to supplying specialty material as a preferred supplier in the adhesive marketplace. Our organization manufactures and supplies diene-based liquid homopolymers and copolymers and polyols, C5 and C9 hydrocarbon tackifying resins, styrene-maleic anhydride copolymers and derivatives, and metallic monomer salts of acrylic and methacrylic acid. Our goal is to work with every customer to provide value-added specialty materials that increase the performance of their products. Total Cray Valley offers products under the Ricon®, Ricobond®, Poly bd®, Krasol™, Wingtack®, Norsolene®, and SMA® brand names.

Hero Coatings

Hero Coatings has over 50 years experience in the development and manufacturing of solvent-based adhesives and hot melt adhesives. We have a broad range of standard products and a significant number of custom products that we have developed for customer specific applications. We have the ability to develop individualized solutions to meet targeted performance specifications, such as peel, shear and tack properties to a variety of substrates.

Wacker Chemical Corporation

Wacker Chemical Corporation manufactures silicone release coatings, silicone pressure sensitive adhesives and vinyl acetate- ethylene copolymer dispersions that find a wide variety of application in the pressure sensitive industry. As wholly owned subsidiary of Wacker Chemie AG based in Munich, we bring our global resources and knowledge to support customers in the North American Market. With well-known trades names such as DEHESIVE® Silicone Release Coatings and VINNAPAS® VAE Dispersions, Wacker has built a reputation as a reliable partner in the pressure sensitive industries.


Leading Manufacturer of water based and solvent based Acrylic PSA and pigments for the Tapes industry
We are recognized in the market for our flexibility and our ability to develop tailor-made PSAs to address the ever changing needs of the tapes manufacturer. We offer the complete range of acrylic-based PSA technologies for the tapes industry, consistency of quality and reliability of supply, thanks to interchangeable production plants in different locations and diversified raw material sources. Our 75 years of market experience and our continuous commitment to innovation complete the picture and make us an international partner of choice when you need to expand the product range of your tapes.


ZEON Makes the Future Today Through the Power of Chemistry: Producing innovative elastomers since 1950, ZEON is a world leader in specialty elastomers, polymers, and chemicals. One of the top producers of polymers in the world, Zeon Corporation employs over 3,000 people worldwide, with global headquarters in Tokyo and regional headquarters in the United States, Singapore, and Germany.

IST America Corp

IST METZ GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally active medium-sized mechanical engineering company with headquarters in Nürtingen, in Southern Germany, and more than 550 employees worldwide. For more than 40 years the company has been producing equipment for curing print and coating by means of UV light. The UV systems cure inks, varnishes, silicones, adhesives, resins and other materials in fractions of a second. The IST METZ group of companies offers its customers the world’s largest product portfolio of high-performance UV lamp and UV LED systems. The range is complemented by warm air infrared drying systems and excimer technology. IST METZ was elected as Global Market Leader for UV Curing Systems from 2018 to 2022.



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