TECH 39 Papers

Jim Belbas

Applying 6 Sigma to Reduce Energy Intensity in the Tapes Industry

Dr. Marco Cerra
Water based PSA’s with enhanced water resistance for closing the gap with solvent based products

Melinda Einsla, PhD
The Use of Mechanical Dispersion Technology to Extend the PSA Chemical Toolbox

Dr. Bin Gu
PSA to Structural Adhesive Tapes for Automobile Light-weighting Solutions

Dr. Raj Hariharan
Elucidation of modulus and rheological properties of ambient cure PSA emulsions

Dr. Katharine Jensen
Surface tension and deformation in soft adhesion

Stefan Knoke
IR-Spectroscopic Method for Determination of Silicone Cross Linking

Yayun Liu
Use of Rheology as a Developing and Troubleshooting Tool for PSA Application

Ir. Roelof Luth
Rheology of diluted polymer solutions and concentrated polymeric materials

Tom McCarthy
Wetting of Solids by Liquids

Dr. Carson Meredith
New Adhesive Capabilities by Mimicking Pollen

Mark Miller
The Effects of Visoelastic Behavior on Coating

Tim Mitchell
Rheological and Cure Examination of Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Kathryn Moon
Butyl Based Flashing Tapes for Low Application Temperatures

Dr. David Newsham
Development of Improved Controlled-Release Polymers for Silicone Release Coatings

Elissa O’Loughlin
An Update on Tape Aging and Removability Studies

Dr. Michaeleen Pacholski
Correlating Adhesive Surface Analysis to Adhesive Performance

Gene Plavnik
Spectra HE Ultra Acoustic Heat and Mass Transfer Technology

David Schulenberg
Truth or myth: Do water-borne adhesives have difficulties with water-resistance?

Dr. Kiu-Yuen Tse
Innovation in Medical Adhesives

Martin Widenbrant
PSA Technology for water vapor permeable air barriers

Dr. David J. Yarusso
Peel Master Curves and their Relevance to Practical Tape Performance

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