Tape Week 2022 Tech Track Papers

Tape Week 2022


Dewey Fansler
Kinetics and Molecular Weight Distribution of Photoiniferter-Derived Polumers as a Function of Composition and Light Intensity

Kristin Schoene
High Performance, Low VOC Water-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Automotive Applications

Kyle Rhodes
Creating Differential Release to Avoid a Sticky Situation

Caroline Widdowson
Technical Track: VOC Emissions from Products and Materials: Regulations, Standard Method and Associated Technologies

Matt Baker
Removable Water-Based Adhesive Technology for Graphics Applications

Robert Olson
Environmentally Friendly Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesives 

Mark Miller
Curtain Coating Technology 

Donovan Lujan
Water Whitening Resistant Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for Clear Label Applications

Eric Silverberg
Cationic Cure UV Acrylic HMPSA

Michael Batton
Adhesive Processing using a Planetary Extruder

Jacob Liu
Low Trauma but High Adhesion Silicone Adhesive

Jen-Chieh Liu
Gas Detection Tape

Yoan Simon
The Art of Falling Apart: Using Addressable Bonds to Create Responsive Materials 

Joseph Binder
Designed Polymer Particle Architectures for Waterborne Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Greg Tew
New Chemistry Generates Novel Networks and Ultra-soft Solids

Michael Krejsa
Rheology As A Quality Control Test for Acrylic PSAs

Steve Austin
An Evaluation of Stiffener Attachment Methods

Chris Davis
Utilizing Radiation Curing for Hot Melt Acrylates

Roopram Ramharack
Using IT Design and Data Analysis to Drive Operational Excellence in Converting (Slitting)

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