TECH 42 Papers

Michael Bartlett

Soft Materials for Unconventional Adhesives and Electronics

Joseph Binder
Designing Water-Borne Acrylic Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives for Compliance with European Union Food Contact Migration Testing

Kwanho Chang
Silicone Optically Clear Adhesive for Electronic Applications

Jason Clapper
Activatable and Patternable Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Melissa Einsla
Fundamental Structure-Property Relationships of PSAs Using Rheological Characterization

Lars Kilian
Advantages of Inherent Semi-Structural Pressure Sensitive Adhesion in Challenging Environments

Erich Klein
Development of a New Styrenic Elastomer Using Renewable Monomer

Chunzaho Li
New Branched Oxo Alcohol Based Acrylates for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Applications

Tim Mitchell
Investigation of High Rate Delamination Between Label and Release Liner

Atsushi Nozawa
Newly Designed SIS Block Copolymer for High Temperature Performance

Andrea Paredes
Novel Cyanoacrylate-Based PSA for Semi-Structural Applications

Yong Park
Using Novel Emulsion Based PSAs in High-Performance Tape Applications

Kyle Rhodes
Adhesive Chemical Reactivity Influences on Silicone Release Force

Amanda Safford
Performance Testing for Automotive Wire Harness Tapes

Cheryl Saqqa
The Stainless Steel Test Surface

Richard Tippett
Next Generation Equipment for the Precision Coating of Performance Films, Foils and Papers

Megan Valentine
Soft, Strong and Tough Materials, Inspired by Mussels

Gert-Jan Van Ruler
Bio-Based Tackifiers for Boosting Acrylic PSA Performance

Michael Vitrano
Butyl Adhesives in Tape and Construction Applications

Michael Wald
Characterization of Strain-Rate Dependent Shear Failure of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Jarno Weemers
Why Quality of Tackifier Resins Matters in Developing Specialty Tapes


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