TECH 36 Papers


William Arendt
Use of Dibenzoate Plasticizers in Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

James August
Risk Management for Product Development

Greg Brown
Controlling Steam Re-moisturizers to Reduce Edge Curl

Xia Cao
High Performance PSA in Sheet Membrane in Water Protection

Laura Donkus
Novel Approaches to the Tackification of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Todd Emrick
Modern Plastics: Advances in Safe, Non-flammable Polymeric Materials and Adhesives

Terry Hammond / Zhaohui Sun
AROCURETM UV Curable Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Kyle Heimbach
Transposable Adhesives

Philip Jacoby
Laser Printing of Microporous PP Films Produced Via Beta Nucleation

Andrew LaChapell
Design of Acrylic Emulsion Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Removable Applications

Del Lavature
Clear Flame Retardant Halogen Free Polyurethante Tape for Aerospace Applications

Anke Lindner
Adhesion on Rough Surfaces: The Role of Viscoelasticity

Jeffrey Li Zhen
Emerging Raw Material Supply from China

Nellie A. Perry
Emerging Raw Material Supply for the Western World Market

Bharath Rajaram
Rheological Characterization of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Performance

Kyle Rhodes
Pushing the Boundaries: High Temperature Evaluations of Silicone PSAs

Fay Salmon
Modeling of 3M VHB Structural Glazing Tape for Glazing System Adhesives

Lori Saviers
The Nascent Shift to Intentional Feedstocks

Francois Simal
Expanding the PSA Formulator’s Toolbox with New Hydophobic Vinyl Ester Monomers

Cathy Stewart
Pyrolysis GC/MS as a Method for Quality and Manufacturing Control

Diana Wright
Duct Tape Sourcing Examinations: Developing Investigative Leads Using Multiple Resources

Dirk Wulff
Advanced Polymer Design for Adhesive Tapes

David Yarusso
Elimination of Backing Effects in Practical Adhesion Testing

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