Bonding & Attaching



  • Roll to Roll

Description: Connect linear materials together.
Applications: Roll to roll splicing of filmic / paper materials, stationary splicing of specialty fabrics


  • Wire harnessing
  • Palletizing

Description: Group multiple units into one.
Applications: Palletizing, wire harnessing, splice insulation and cable coding


  • Packaging

Description: Strengthen an existing material.
Applications: Packaging handle reinforcement, document protection, wallboard

Fastening, Joining, Mounting

  • Metal Stiffeners
  • Transportation (Mirrors, Moldings, etc.)
  • Machinery
  • Windows/Muntin Bars
  • Construction (Carpet, Doors, etc.)

Description: Join two solid materials together.
Applications: Stiffener bar mounting, window mounting, bar mounting, component attachment in transportation vehicles

Gasketing, Sealing

  • Electronics
  • Machinery
  • Appliances

Description: Laminate to materials designed to fill space and/or confine gas, liquid or sound.
Applications: Foam or other material inserts for noise prevention, sealing (For example: stability in appliances, transportation, machinery)

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