TECH 41 Papers

Keith Andes

High Performance Waterborne Acrylic PSAs for Building and Construction Applications

Matthew Bankaitis
Optimization of the UV Acrylic Coating and Curing Processes

Kimdolyn Boone
Standardized Performance Metrics for Self-Adhered Flashing Products Used for the Installation of Windows and Doors

Chase Cramer
Evolution of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives in Single-Ply Roofing Applications

Michael Dickey
Sticky Liquid Metals

Hu Duan
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) as a Versatile Tool to Study the Micro and Nano Surface Structure of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) and Products

Melinda Einsla
Multilayer Adhesives – Tuning Properties Using Bulk and Interfacial Contributions

Joelle Frechette
Adhesion and Debonding of a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Measured with Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Probes Under Aqueous Solution

Steven Gaik
Formulating UV-Curable Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for the Architectural Construction Industry

Jong Guo
High SAFT Emusion Acrylic Technology

Sandra Holtschoppen
How to Find the Right Release Liner for Your Application With Out Compromising Economical Aspects

Emerson Hong
Environmentally Friendly Silicone PSAs

Xiaochuan Hu
Novel Hybrid Emulsion Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Yuta Ishii
Newly-Designed SIS Block Copolymer for Improving Die-Cut Performance and New Evaluation Method for Die-Cut Property

David Krupa
UL 161A/B Listed Adhesive Tapes for HVAC Applications

Torbjorn Pettersson
Sugars and Fatty Acids for PSA Applications

Matthew Rappaport
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives – Innovation and Industry Trends: Patent Landscape Analysis as Competitive Intelligence

Theresa Reineke
Acrylic Triblock Copolymers Incorporating Isosorbide and Glucose for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Tim Rummel
Silicone Benefits for Tape Applications

Fay Salmon
Stress Analysis of a Structural Glazing Assembly Bonded by an Acrylic Foam Structural Glazing Tape under Pressure Loading

Dmitriy Salnikov
Theory and a Test Method for the Assessment of Tackiness of Structural Film Adhesives

Mark Strobel
Aging of Corona-Treated Polypropylene

Neil Sun
Thermally Resistant Methyl-PSA

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