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Growing the Role of PSA Tape in the Building and Construction

86 percent of building and construction professionals in a joint research study indicated they would consider converting to pressure sensitive ‎adhesive (PSA) tape from competing bonding solutions. Cost-effective and easy to use, PSA tape is a convenient bonding method with ultimate usage flexibility. The study found its potential for diverse application to be a key consideration for research participants.

Download this fact sheet to see the behaviors and decision drivers that influence tape usage in the building and construction industry.

From the Foundation to the Roof

From reinforcing foundations to adhesive for roofing panels, pressure sensitive ‎adhesive (PSA) tape has a wide variety of construction applications. Its ability to withstand moisture and extreme temperatures makes it ideal for building exteriors, and it can handle wind loads better than mechanical fasteners. Indoors, PSA tape insulates against vibration and sound with reliable strength and durability.

Download this visual infographic to explore PSA tape’s uses throughout buildings—from the basement to the penthouse and all places in between.


Why Tape?

Long-Term Durability
Cost Effective
Easy to Apply
Light in Weight
Strong Sealing and Bonding
Protection Against the Elements