TECH 34 Papers


Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Exhibiting Enhanced Adhesion to Low Surface Energy Substrates
Eric Bartholomew
Avery Dennison Performance Adhesive Center

The Critical State of Raw Material Supply
Tom Brewer
Vice President

Lessons from Nature: Adhesion and Structure
Alfred J. Crosby
university of Massachusetts Amherst

Polymer-Clay Nano Brick Walls for Transparent Gas Barrier on Plastic Film
Jaime C. Grunlan
Assistant Professor
Texas A&M University

One Part Adhesives for Protective Masking
David Keely
Field Technical Service Manager
The Dow Chemical Company

A New Approach to Measuring PSA Cohesive Srength Using a Texture Analyzer
Lars Kilian, Ph. D.
Senior Staff Scientist
Ashland Inc.

Biorenewable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives via Miniemulsion
Monique Roerdink Lander
Post Doctoral Associate
University of Minnesota

Electron Beam Technology for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Applications
Stephen C. Lapin, Ph.D
PCT Engineered Systems LLC

Acrylic Block Copolymers for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Daniel Lebouvier
Nanostructured Polymers, General Manager

High Performance Hot Melt Adhesives for Polyethylene Coatings in Pipeline Corrosion Protection
Dan Libby
Product Manager – Corrosion Protection Group
Berry Plastics

Polyesters for Sustainable Adhesive Technologies: From PSAs to Thermoplastic Elastomers
Timothy E. Long
Virginia Tech

Slow and Steady – Alternate Test Methods to Consider for PSA Materials
David McCann
Director, Research and Development
Chemsultants International Inc.

Steam Remoisturizing Technology for Paper Based Label Manufacturers
Mark David Miller
Coating Tech Service

Ambient Polymerization of Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Timothy Mitchell
Industry Specialist
Dow Corning Corporation

Acrylic Block Copolymer for Adhesive Application
Shinya Oshita
Advanced Adhesives Engineer
KURARITY Business Promotion Department

UV Cationic Acrylic PSAs
Peter D Palasz, Sonny Liu, Paul Foreman, Charles Paul

Surfactants and Defoamers: Achieving Balance in Polymer Emulsions
Don G. Pierson
Pierson Adhesive Consulting

Fundamentals of Fluorosilicone Liners
Richard Schmidt
Senior Chemist

Controlled Adhesion in Reactive Solution Acrylic PSAs
Anja Schneider
Sr. Chemist PD
Henkel AG &Co. KGaA

Pressure Sensitive Tape Materials and Technologies Utilized by the Thin-Film, Crystalline Silicon, and Roll-to-Roll (R2R) Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Module Manufacturers
Joseph S. Sentendrey
Toyo Ink America, LLC

Measuring Adhesive Cure Using Pyrolysis GC-MS
Cathy D. Stewart
Analytical Chemist
Intertape Polymer Group

Peel Adhesion as a Function of Peel Angle, Peel Rate, and Peel Temperature
Allen T. Tsaur
Material Engineer
Adhesive Source

Expanding the Product Range for Radiation Curable PSAs
Jurgen Van Holen
Cytec Engineered materials
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives R&D

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