Technical Track

Presenting technical discussions on PSA tape use, the Technical Track is the perfect complement to the Markets and Applications Track and is suitable for all tape professionals, including CEOs, VPs, directors, managers, engineers, sales and marketing professionals, support teams and more.

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Wednesday, May 10

9:00 AM – 11:15 AM

Session I:

Influence of Surface Interactions on PSA Performance

Speaker: Melinda Einsla

  • Polar/acid comonomers did not have a measurable difference on measured PSA surface energy, even though PSA performance differences are measurable
  • Tackifiers may not enrich at surface, but provide valuable property enhancement via rheological modifications and surface energy
  • Water, surfactant, and plasticizers can form weak boundary layers which are detrimental to PSA performance

Antioxidant and Hotmelt Adhesive Performance

Speaker: Weihong Lang

  • The use of antioxidants in hot melt adhesives is critical to prevent degradation during mixing, application, and end use. In this presentation, a new antioxidant BNX® 1400 will be compared to the industry standard BNX® 1010.
  • BNX® 1400 has a unique physical form that provides superior flowability and can eliminate bridging problems during feeding. Flowability characteristics will be illustrated in videos simulating feeding operations. BNX® 1400 is also less dusty than BNX® 1010 for improved hygiene in the plant.
  • The physical and chemical properties of BNX® 1400 and BNX® 1010 will be compared, including particle size distribution and explosivity characteristics.
  • Test results for the two antioxidants in hot melt adhesive formulations will also be presented, showing BNX® 1400 to provide comparable stabilization performance as compared to the industry standard BNX® 1010.

Effect of Chain Transfer Agent in Presence of Reactive Surfactants during Scale-up of Emulsion Polymerization

Speaker: Sanjeev Singh

Variables that Affect the Internal Strength of Crosslinked Closed Cell Polyolefin Foam and the Measurement Method Thereof

Speaker: Keigo Shimura

  • How different variables affect the internal strength of the foam.
  • How to maximize the toughness of the foam.
  • How to reduce cost while maintaining target internal strength.
  • How other properties are impacted by optimizing the internal strength.

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Session II:

Designing a Wash-Off PSA for Label Applications

Speaker: David Keely

The Endless Possibilities of Paper Tapes – How It’s Made?

Speaker: Antoine Gisle

UV Cured Soy Oil PSA – A Sustainable Closed Loop Solution

Speaker: Jim Holbery

Speed Dating Operational & Product Environmental Compliance 101 

Speaker: Aili Wilen

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Session III:

Silicon Hydride – An Ignored Factor in Release

Speaker: Timothy Rummel

Sustainability In Release Liners 

Speaker: Jeff Krueger 

Design and Development of High-Efficient Antimist Additive (AMA) for High-Speed Release Coating Application

Identifying The Right Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Filmic Applications 

Speaker: Dalia Naamani-Goldman 

Thursday, May 11

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Session IV

Details TBA

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Session V:

Impact of Adhesive Composition and Differential Cure on the Performance of Acrylic Ultraviolet Light Cured Hotmelt Adhesive 

Speaker: Christopher Comer

Building and Construction Low Application Temperature Adhesives: Evaluation and Development

Speaker: Michael Krejsa

Advanced Acrylics Technology for High Performance Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Applications

Speaker: Mark Gower

  • Controlled polymerization within emulsion systems, delivering polymers with the controlled placement of reactive groups, can enhance pressure-sensitive adhesive performance
  • The incorporation of polymerizable surfactants provides the opportunity to improve both peel force and cohesion (as measured by static shear resistance) when combined with controlled polymerization
  • A high level of blush resistance (resistance to water-whitening of the adhesive layer on immersion in water) and resistance to plasticizer migration can also be delivered with Advanced Acrylics adhesive technology
  • PVC laminates for signage applications prepared using Advanced Acrylics adhesive show improved cutting and weeding performance.
  • Replacing solvent-based PSAa with Advanced Acrylics technology can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, fossil fuel use, and hazardous waste output

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Session VI:

Forensic Tape Analysis, Comparison and Interpretation

Speaker: Diana Wright 

Skin Adhesive Evaluation for Long Term Wearables 

Speaker: Kelsey Kaht

  • Specialized adhesives are required to keep medical devices attached to skin.
  • Adhesive performance on skin is dependent on numerous factors including adhesive chemistry, environment, device design, device location, and skin properties.
  • For these reasons, adhesive product testing via wear studies is an indispensable marker for success in medical wearable applications.

Transportation Simulation Testing and Pressure Sensitive Tapes – Understanding the Complete Package 

Speaker: Kara Pierce

Novel PSA Form Factor for Automated Bonding

Speaker: Ross Behling

  • Introduction of a new pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) form factor as a core-sheath filament designed for automated dispensing
  • A comparison of this robotically dispensable PSA with existing foam tapes with emphasis on the advantages of closing the bond-line while hot
  • Advantages of direct PSA dispensing – Width and caliper control, stitching patterns, adaptability to rough or ribbed surfaces

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