Markets & Applications Track

The Markets and Applications Track helps professionals in all industries understand the benefits of using PSA tape over other bonding solutions. This track will feature a combined focus on building & construction, transportation, automotive and emerging markets.

Wednesday, May 10

9:00 AM – 11:45 AM

Session One

The Tape Lab, Wearable Medical Device Companies, and the 501K Process

Speaker: Jason Zajac

The Tape Lab specializes in helping medical device companies source biocompatible tapes that are used in their wearable device. In this presentation, The Tape Lab President Jason Zajac will:

  • Take you through the journey of concept, finding the right PSA, liners and other materials, designing the tape solutions (die cutting, laminating, assembly and packaging).
  • Talk about the qualification process for the adhesives, device and components and the timing to get the die cut tape qualified by the FDA.
  • Talk about the importance of working with PSA partners who understand the 510K journey for tapes.

The journey for converters to go from concept to manufacturing can take years and many long hours qualifying the tapes, processes, and paperwork….but it is worth it! Take the journey with us to see how rewarding it can be.

Global Specialty Presentation: Pressure-Sensitive Tape Market

Speaker: Corey Reardon

Join Alexander Watson Associates (AWA) President & CEO Corey Reardon to understand the global pressure-sensitive tape market.

  • Get a picture of how the market is structured and recognize which application segments and regions are driving overall growth.
  • Gain insights into the dynamics in different applications segments, differences and complexities across regions, and developments in materials used.
  • See the market quantified by region, application segment, and material.

Sustainable Pathways for Adhesive Tapes: Lohmann’s Activities to Advance the Circularity in Tapes and Tape Applications

Speaker: Evert Smit

Lohmann, a mid-size, family-owned and globally active tape producer, is very serious about sustainability and circularity—in all its aspects. Based on the U.N.’s 17 Sustainability Development Goals, Lohmann has laid out a path to meet its own goals, ranging from what it does for its customers and its products to its production environment and its people. Typical aims are increasing recycling, enabling repair, lowering the company’s CO2 footprint (Scope 1, 2 and 3), and eco-design—but equally as important, dealing with its social responsibility. Dr. Evert Smit, who joined Lohmann in September 2015 to lead the R&D departments globally and since the end of 2020 has served as Director Scouting, will show some examples for each. A telling one is what Lohmann does to recycled tape waste—make it into a raw material again. An all but trivial task!

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Session Two

Skills for Building Trust & Value with Customers

Speaker: Heather Haas

  1. Identify their Social Style.
  2. Learn the research-based elements of trust and value.
    • Competence
    • Character
    • Communication
  3. Practice three skills for co-creating trust and value to better connect with prospects and customers.
    • Adapting to Social Styles
    • Managing expectations with a Verbal Agenda
    • Establishing value through Strategic Questions

Trends in Paperboard and Corrugated Packaging

Speaker: Dan Malenke

Inspirational Look at How a Completely New Platform Can Come to Life Including Many of the Pitfalls and Pivots

Speaker: Ken Mcguire

See how an award-winning package came to life, from concept initiation to commercialization. The overarching goal: obsoleting all bottles. New product and package innovator Ken McGuire will share:

  • What worked and what didn’t about initial prototypes and how his team built a lab to screen quickly.
  • The initial shift when things weren’t working.
  • The big idea and the first market test—which didn’t work and required his team to rethink the entire concept.
  • How fixing some technical problems led to identifying the big opportunity in terms of key consumers and markets
  • The second test market that was successful
  • Commercialization plans and current status.

Insight Into a Converter’s Role and the Value You Add in the Market

Speaker: Ed Miller

  • Discuss Macro trends
  • How best tape manufacturers can work with converters to make the partnership more successful

Thursday, May 11

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Session Three

Looking Beyond the Housing Recession

Speaker: Robert Deitz

  • Examine the current forecast for home building, apartment development and remodeling
  • Review the outlook for interest rates, monetary policy and recession risks
  • Details for the long-run outlook with a focus on demographics
  • A deep dive on supply-side elements that challenge the overall residential construction sector

UV Acrylics: Adhesive Polymer Re-engineering for Low Temperature Applications in Tapes and Labels

Speaker: Nicholas Velez

Beyond the Battery: Uses of Tape in Electric Vehicles

Speaker: Bradley Mingels

Opportunities for Tapes in the Building Envelope by Incorporation of Multifunctionality

Speaker: Werner Hoemann 

CELAB: Circular Economy for Labels

Speaker: Kyle Rhodes

Schedule Subject to Change