Sustainability: Building Awareness

This inaugural summit on Tuesday, May 9th will focus on the increased demand for sustainable initiatives in the PSA industry. The focus of discussions will be on building awareness of current solutions and the future role of sustainability in a variety of PSA industry verticals. 

Tuesday, May 9

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Summit Breakfast

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Sustainability: Building Awareness Summit

Pathways to Sustainability

‎The focus of this discussion is energy sustainability – what it means broadly, what it means to this industry, what solutions are available and how we can attain them.

How Global Sustainability Initiatives are Triggering a Shift to UV LED Curing

  1. ‎Electrical grid components including generation, transmission, distribution, and ‎consumption
  2. ‎How energy consumption (kWh) and peak power consumption (kW) impact ‎electricity billing charges
  3. ‎How UV LED curing reduces installed power, peak demand, consumption during ‎operation, and carbon footprint‎
  4. ‎Why power companies offer rebates to incentivize adoption of new technology ‎
  5. ‎How UV LED curing helps manufacturers meet sustainability targets and reduce ‎operating costs

The Afera Flagship Project Sustainability: readying the European Tape Industry for a circular future for Tapes

Speaker: Evert Smit

  1. The European Union’s “Green Deal” will have a major impact on companies and their products. And not just for EU based companies! The same rules apply to every company that sells into Europe, wherever their product is made. This will surely impact the other regions – think USB-C and Apple
  2. I will show you the main areas where this is impacting the EU tape industry
  3. The EU tape industry, represented by Afera, is making steps forward. I will update you where we are active and show tell-tale examples of what has been accomplished
  4. A path forward will be based on co-creation – and Afera offers PSTC to join our efforts, so together we can make the global tape industry more circular and sustainable
  5. In the end, companies exist in their environment. We have to rethink the prevailing model from the last 50 years – profits first, shareholder value, extractional – and deal with the existential challenges ahead of us. Together.

Market Demands for Sustainable Pressure Sensitive Tape Products

Speaker: Tad Radzinski

  • Provide an overview of market drivers for sustainable pressure sensitive tape products including building and deconstruction, circular products, and materials.
  • Provide an overview of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Optimized product certifications.
  • Discuss sustainable product innovation as part of the new product development process.
  • Discuss examples of how to communicate the sustainable attributes of your products to your customers.
  • Discuss available tools organizations can use to assist in selecting optimized products, including recommended specification language.

Understanding the PSA Regulatory and Sustainability Environment in 2023

Speaker: Lindsey Foster

Award Winning Energy Management Program

Speaker: Philip Kauneckas 

  • Tools to build a world class energy management program
  • Interfacing energy efficiency with production
  • How to implement an energy monitoring system
  • Creating energy professionals and networking opportunities

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