PSTC Welcomes New Member Toyo Ink

PSTC Welcomes New Member Toyo Ink

The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC), a not-for-profit North American trade association for certified pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape manufacturers and affiliate suppliers, is pleased to announce Toyo Ink as a new affiliate supplier member to the Council.

Over the past century, the Toyo Ink Group has evolved from a private inks shop into a leading provider of printing inks, packaging materials, polymer and coatings, and color and functional materials to the global marketplace. Toyo Ink has operations spanning the Americas, Asia and Europe with roughly 7,000 employees worldwide. In every region, Toyo has deep roots in local markets and a global team of service professionals, who are committed to helping resolve issues, improve productivity and develop the best solutions.

Toyo’s pressure sensitive and other adhesive products cover a wide range of items designed to be used on any material, from paper and wood to plastic or metal. Having initially entered the adhesive field with the import to Japan of double face/ double-sided tape in 1960, Toyo Ink went on to develop rubber, acrylic and urethane adhesives, laying the company’s foundations as an adhesive manufacturer.

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