PSTC Welcomes new member Coating and Converting Technologies (CCT)

PSTC Welcomes New Member Coating and Converting Technologies (CCT)

The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC), a not-for-profit North American trade association for certified pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape manufacturers and affiliate suppliers, is pleased to announce Coating and Converting Technologies (CCT) as a new manufacturer member to the Council.

CCT engineers high performance, cost-effective pressure sensitive adhesive tapes to meet diverse application needs for a variety of industries.

CCT is ISO 9001 certified to ensure consistent quality and constant maintenance of high standards of performance in products and services. With an on-site ISO 17025 accredited adhesives testing laboratory, CCT provides sophisticated product development research and full service adhesive applications testing for customers. Combined with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and finishing center, CCT is structured to efficiently serve customers and deliver cost-effective, high performance PSA tape solutions. With flexibility and creativity, CCT has built a strong tradition of quality, service and innovation.

CCT offers pressure sensitive adhesive tapes with a wide variety of performance characteristics in both permanent and temporary adhesives. CCT’s product line includes acrylic and rubber based double coated tapes, unsupported transfer tapes, self-wound tapes, single coated tapes, specialty coated films and foam mounting tapes that provide excellent adhesion to high and low energy surfaces.

CCT PSA tapes are used across a broad range of markets including Medical, Electronics, Industrial Assembly, Appliance, Automotive, Construction, and Graphics industries

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