Growing the Role of PSA Tape in the Automotive Industry


Behaviors and decision drivers that influence tape usage ‎in the automotive industry were identified in a recent ‎joint research study between the Pressure Sensitive Tape ‎Council (PSTC) and leading market research firm ‎Breakthrough Research. The study brings respondent ‎data to life and communicates important findings based ‎on responses to several in-depth questions.‎

Download this fact sheet to review the study’s key ‎findings.

Shift Gears with a Superior Bonding Solution

Effective, efficient and durable, pressure sensitive ‎adhesive (PSA) tape offers innovative solutions to ‎challenging situations. Whether you are looking to attain a ‎clean aesthetic or need a lightweight but strong bond that ‎can withstand extreme temperatures and repeated shock ‎and impact, PSA tape stands out as the leading option for ‎variety of applications.‎

Download this visual infographic to explore how this ‎bonding method is used in automotive design and ‎engineering.‎


Why Tape?

Long-Term Durability
Cost Effective
Easy to Apply
Light in Weight
Strong Sealing and Bonding
Protection Against the Elements