Alex Chausovsky
ITR Economics
Alex Chausovsky is an accomplished Speaker and Consultant at ITR Economics. He is a highly experienced market researcher and analyst with more than a decade of expertise in subjects that include macroeconomics, industrial manufacturing, automation, and advanced technology trends. He has consulted and advised companies throughout the U.S., Europe, Brazil, China and Japan for the last fifteen years and has been featured on NPR, the BBC, and in the Wall Street Journal.
Cam Marston
Generational Insights
Cam Marston is the leading expert on generational change and its impact on the marketplace. Marston and his firm, Generational Insights, have provided research and consultation on generational issues to hundreds of companies and professional groups over 20 years. Author of three previous books and two best-selling videos, his work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, the Chicago Tribune, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Money, and Forbes, as well as on Good Morning America, CNN International, and BBC News and other major media outlets. He is a native and resident of Mobile, Alabama.Watch this video to learn more about what Cam will be presenting at the Fall Member Business Meeting.
Norman Ornstein
Keppler Speakers
Columbia Journalism Review called him “the nation’s hottest pundit.” And National Journal spotlighted him as an “icon of the press,” one of the “select few (who) get quoted alone: the authorities, society’s sages, those called on to deliver the final word.” Ornstein serves as a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, one of the nation’s largest and most respected think tanks, and is a regular contributor to The New York Times and The Washington Post. He also led a working group of scholars and practitioners that helped shape the law, known as McCain-Feingold, which reformed the campaign financing system, and in 2004, he was elected as a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Additionally, he has written and co-authored numerous books on Washington politics, including “The Permanent Campaign and Its Future”, “The Broken Branch: How Congress is Failing America and How to Get it Back on Track”, and :Vital Statistics on Congress”, among many others. He began his career on Capitol Hill in 1969, and today is considered amongst the upper echelon of political pundits, making regular appearances on programs such as “Nightline, “Face the Nation”, and “The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer”. An experienced journalist in the heart of the nation’s capital, Ornstein is a revered commentator and an in-demand political speaker.